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Cubik Hi-Fi Speaker by Palo Alto

Cubik Hi-Fi Speaker by Palo Alto
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You deserve an attractive and ear-pleasing high-tech speaker on your desktop, that can effortlessly compliment your home or office space. cubic, the world’s first full-digital USB multimedia speaker is the perfect speaker to do just this. its true Hi-Fi sound and compelling exterior design will impress even the most experienced audiophile.

For the first time in the industry, full digital amplifier technology has been implemented into computer speakers. The digital audio amplifier circuit utilizes a jitter-eliminating full-digital amplifier technology, a groundbreaking method that amplifies a digital audio signal without converting the signal to analog.

Furthermore, the audio signal is sent from the computer to the speaker through a digital USB connection. As the signal is kept in digital domain until driving the speakers, sound is not degraded by any analog noise. Using a well-designed driver units and enclosure Palo Alto still desired to improve its sound.

With high-resolution digital signal processing technology, cubic possesses very flat frequency response as well as being able to produce a full-range of signals with amazing accuracy. Bass is genuinely flat to the lower bottom. That is why you can hear rich bass. cubic uses a high-end Danish-designed Peerless speaker unit that is rarely found in computer speakers. The 2.5 inch metal-cone full-range driver produces unbelievable bass and crisp high-frequency sound comparable to multi-way speaker systems.

To produce deeper bass from a small enclosure, a highly advanced long-vent enclosure design which required skillful tooling, an innovative manufacturing processes and advanced materials to still produce rich sound with powerful bass. The matching stand is remarkable. It makes the sound more clear, and less bloomy.

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