Cuddlings.WORLD | Who Needs a Hug?

Cuddlings.WORLD | Who Needs a Hug?
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Welcome to Cuddlings.WORLD
We are Product & Service Designers

Meet our prototypes, Teddy and Bottle (see introduction video).
You are here to help make the mock-ups a reality too! (see photo gallery)

Cuddlings.WORLD teddies, with their innovative interchangeable centers, diffuse therapeutic aromas to soothe and enhance well-being for children
from 3 to +100 years old.

We are passionate about creating innovating & fashionable amazing plush toys, high-quality gift products and items with a low environmental impact.

Adding value to ordinary so it becomes extraordinary is what we strive for and is what inspires our creativity.

We are looking forward to a successful campaign as it will allow us to bring to reality all products shown.

5 Senses for 5 Continents
Meet ‘Tummy & Belly Family’
We embarked on technology that gives a new dimension to teddies.

Trees, flowers, sunshine surround us every day but we don’t realize how much they play an important part in our lives. Mood, behavior, emotions really depend on the presence of nature. Studies establish this relationship and its conditions (so-called environmental psychology).

Our core concept includes – together or separately – the experience of the touch, the sight, the taste, the smell and the sound proposed in a very friendly, playful and pedagogic way.

To make it easy to understand – we follow the ‘Nespresso’ basic positioning and strategic approach where the teddy bears – and other derivative consumer goods – are the coffee machines, and – as for example – the aromatherapy sets – with the lovely and tender exchangeable and washable tummies – are the coffee capsules.

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