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Cup Holder Premium Edition

Cup Holder Premium Edition
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The is the premium edition of our unique Cup Holder. It’s available in a Chrome or Copper coating. Can you think of a more elegant and stylish way to carry along beverages on your daily commute?
The silicone bottle basket is included exclusively with the Cup Holder Premium version and makes it possible to carry cans and bottles in the Cup Holder.

The Cup Holder is easily attached to the bicycle thanks to the clever spring steel construction. Open the spring by pressing the rings together, place it on the handlebar and let go. The Cup Holder clamps down on the handlebars and sits firmly in place never losing grip even during rides over bumps and potholes.
The Bookman Cup Holder can be flipped and used with either the smaller ring or the lager ring depending on cup size.

The construction is completely free from screws and glue and the smart clip design does not only make it easy to use, it is also designed for easy disassembly if you would need to recycle the product.
Best fit with handlebars with thickness of around 22 mm.
Cover your drink completely with a lid to avoid spillage. The Cup Holder will keep your cup or bottle in place but it will not change the laws of physics.

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