Custom Adele Soul Pop

Custom Adele Soul Pop
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Custom Adele Soul Pop! 12 different Delly’s in limited release, while supply lasts! Tour- reflecting an incredibly beautiful dress which sparkles under the lights from near and far. Iridescent and iconic! bonus- tiny mic pack on back of dress and tiny whisper of a dove tattoo included Send Love- designed to reflect flowy movement accomplished with hand painted floral beauty, this sassy figure will keep your spirits Rising. Better Keep Up. bonus- cat eye on point and clear plastic display stand is included Glasto- delicately detailed and wildly bohemian this dress is painstakingly created and so vibrant in color bonus- tiny microphone and teeny nails painted green Adeles fav colour. Love Fast- Stunning statuesque and so sweetly sincere in tribute Stupid Cupid keeps on calling you to own this. bonus-unique updo, real fringe for days and crucifix earrings Stadiums- pinnacle ensemble brilliantly shiny and adorned with minuscule stars the gown is voluminously styled to be so pretty in pink, windswept hair and starry eyes reflect appropriately for playing out of doors to thousands bonus- peek of a mauve boot,microphone and tiny ring. Pantsuit- that glorious iconic pantsuit moment is captured here with a delicately customized velvety soft long blazer and pants bonus- her mini boots are enviable along with her tiny manicure and microphone. ( New Style!) Royal- lovely and dainty in her black dress, with satin and lace She’s ready to sing ballads and crack jokes! She has a tiny manicure in dark rouge and the tiniest crystal sparkling earrings. Live from Royal Albert! Bonus- includes her little friend Louie too! Hello- She is wondering, would you like to meet?

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