Custom Waterproof Calligraphy Guidelines Reusable Guide Lines

Custom Waterproof Calligraphy Guidelines Reusable Guide Lines
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These custom waterproof calligraphy guidelines are a must-have for those writing or learning all styles of calligraphy. Printed on transparent sheets of letter-sized plastic, these guidelines let the maximum amount of light through when used with light pads and light boxes. Compared to regular paper guidelines, these allow you to easily see the lines through your project paper and create perfectly straight lines of calligraphy, while being sturdy and reusable! They are perfect for both practice and creating finished projects. If you get ink on them, just wipe with a damp soft cloth and let dry. What’s Included: – 1 sheet of transparent calligraphy guidelines in the spacing and slant degree of your choice Ratios for Variation Styles: Copperplate- 3:1:3 Spencerian- 2:1:2 Modern- 2:1:2 Brush Pen- 1:2:1 Broad Edge- Foundational 3:4:3, Fraktur 3:5:3, Italic 5:5:5, Textura 4:4:4 Envelope guidelines will have the centering lines marked for you. Specify x-height during checkout.

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