Customize your Own Bird Miniature Choose Your Song Bird Totem

Customize your Own Bird Miniature Choose Your Song Bird Totem
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Do you see a bird around your feeder all the time? Did your Grandmother love a certain bird so much that you want a keepsake to remember her? Are you tired of seeing the same birds in art pieces and want something more elusive or obscure? You have come to the right place. Choose your own songbird totem. Please give me the name of the bird species in personalized section of this listing or send me a private convo and we can work together to make you your special bird. i would recommend shying away from larger bird species such as eagles, hawks, and birds with long legs. Although i can make these for you, please keep in mind they will have a similar shape to the totems pictured, so a heron may look a little strange without legs. All totems are painted by hand with accuracy and whimsy. Look closely and you will see all kinds of pretty dots and patterns in their tiny little feathers…. All are hand sculpted from polymer clay and meticulously painted with acrylic paints. They will be sealed with a high gloss waterproof sealer. Primary Colors: multi color All of my sculptures will be beautifully packaged and shipped to you with the utmost love and care. props (crystals, pebbles, air plants…) not included with purchase

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