Custos: Camera Glasses With Bone-Conduction Audio

Custos: Camera Glasses With Bone-Conduction Audio
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Wireless, Bone Conducting, EMR Shielded Hi Def Video, Bluetooth Sunglasses. Stay Safe & Connected.

World’s safest, most technologically packed multi-functional sunglasses.

CUSTOS is Latin for “Guardian”. Protecting you and your experience is the core concept behind Custos. From the open ear design to the integrated EMR shielded construction to the cutting edge tech, Custos is all about safely enhancing your experience from listening to your jam to connecting and sharing with the people in your life.

Do you ever wish you had more and better quality videos and photos of your favorite moments to share with family and friends?

Do you envy those people who seem to have everything important recorded?

You’re going to love Custos, because that can be you! At the push of a button, your hands are free to keep doing what you were already doing and you’re shooting video or taking a picture of exactly what you’re looking at. How cool is that? And in total High Definition (HD)-Beautiful!

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