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The Cut Buddy As Seen On Shark Tank

The Cut Buddy As Seen On Shark Tank
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Yes! It works for YOU!

The Cut Buddy is for anyone who wants to reduce errors and mistakes in messing up when shaping their haircut or trimming their beard! It doesn’t matter if you are white, black, yellow, blue, red, purple, orange, or green… If you have hair, this product works wonders for you!

We LOVE barbers and stylists too! Many of our competitors want to get rid of the need for a barber or stylist… WE DON’T!

Our product has helped THOUSANDS of barbers and hair stylists increase their revenues by providing beard and haircut edge ups to clients quicker than ever! We know talented and dedicated barbers and stylists DO NOT NEED our product!

However, many super talented barbers and stylists have ALSO realized that they can save time and it allows them to see more customers more quickly so… WHY NOT?! (This is also a perfect stencil for helping barbers and stylists apply hair fibers for hairline restoration.)

At the end of the day, here’s the deal… if you use The Cut Buddy regularly you will eventually get confident enough and skilled enough to cut your own or someone else’s beard/hair/mustache perfectly and your muscle memory will improve.

We are simply the training wheels on your grooming journey! If you want more confidence in your appearance, more revenue at your barbershop/salon, or just more money in your bank account saved up (and time) that you can spend elsewhere… The Cut Buddy is for you!

Look great, feel great. Feel great, DO GREAT!

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