Dad Gift From Daughter Gifts For Dad Father Daughter Gift

Dad Gift From Daughter Gifts For Dad Father Daughter Gift
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More interesting than a regular greeting card, this makes a wonderful change of pace, with a beautiful sentiment. Father and Daughter(s) Wish Bracelets on cream or kraft card with silver plated round beads and 3 antiqued silver plated hearts on a waxed cotton string. Suitable for any occasion, this is a lovely way to let your dad know how much he is appreciated, or maybe a little something extra for just you and dad on your wedding day, Father’s Day, his birthday or Christmas. The Card has a lovely sentiment for an any day surprise. Why wait for a special occasion…he’s special on every day of the year! 3 bracelet cards now available for dad & 2 daughters! The default 3 bracelet card is shown with One for: You/Me/Me If you would like You/You/Me then please let me know in the notes to seller at checkout! Ideal gift top up, or it can serve as a card and gift in one package. Made with quality cotton string which is long enough to fit any size wrist. Wish Bracelets are a local custom in South America. Folklore says that a friend or relative tie the bracelet on your wrist, and you can make a wish at the same time. The bracelet remains on your wrist until it breaks naturally, then your wish will come true! 21 color options available. Please note colors may appear lighter or darker depending on the screen resolution you use. Colors not shown in the cord color dropdown menu are currently out of stock. 2 card options available – Cream or Kraft (brown colored card) Listing is for one Father Daughter Card in cream or kraft card, with 2 or 3 charm bracelets per card. Comes complete with a matching envelope, and envelope seal ready to gift. Colors not shown in the dropdown menu are out of stock.

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