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Danbocchi Personal Soundproof Studio

Danbocchi Personal Soundproof Studio
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Do you live in a small apartment but really want to make some noise? Can’t resist the urge to shout at your computer when you work? Or do you just really love karaoke? Well in Japan small apartments and thin walls can be a real issue so that’s why there’s the need for a product like the Danbocchi a personal soundproof cardboard studio so you can make all the noise you want! Using reinforced dual-layered cardboard materials the makers reckon it will reduce a noise inside of 90db to around just 60db for anyone outside! It includes ventilation so you can breath (fear not it’s not a cardboard coffin!) and there is a hole for cables to be fed through. A table is also included so you can keep a screen or other device inside your new home. The whole structure has also been designed to be super light and easy to assemble even if you are alone.

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