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Danish Fuel Bathroom Cabinet

Danish Fuel Bathroom Cabinet
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A unique unisex cabinet made for self-care products. A luxury handcrafted piece of art for the bathroom, dressing room, walk-in closet, hotels…. you name it.
Up-cycled from an original World War 2 (WW2) fuel can invented by the Germans in 1939, better known as a Jerry Can, because the Germans were nicknamed “Jerrys”. Old rust and paint have been removed by sandblasting. New powder-coating added. Proudly made in Denmark.

A “Jerry Can” is a German invention that originates from WW2. It was the name for a tank used for gas, diesel, water and kerosene. Back then the English referred to the Germans as “Jerrys” – hence the name “Jerry Can”. The original name was a “Wehrmacht Kanister”.
Furthermore, the design of a “Jerry Can” was well thought through as it had three handles in order to make the handling of the cans more convenient at all times even though faced with different handling situations – the two outer handles were useful when two people had to carry the can, where in contrast the inner handle came in handy when one soldier had to carry the can by himself.

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