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Dark + Stormy Walnut Pendant Light

Dark + Stormy Walnut Pendant Light
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Inspired by Buckminster Fuller, the Dark + Stormy pendant light shows off its natural wood grain in a unique way. The woodsy design casts a warm down light, making it great on its own or grouped in a cluster above a dining table, a bar, or your favorite reading nook. The lamps are meticulously handmade from solid walnut.

The craftsmen combine 20 pieces of wood to create the so-called “pre-form.” Then, the lamps are passed to a master wood turner and lathed into a spherical shape. This is where the magic or the heartache happens, as sometimes these pieces don’t make it off the lathe in one piece. The lucky ones are finished with a hand-spun aluminum reflector. The lights are available with either an eight- or 10-foot cloth cord, the short of which is adjustable and comes with a ceiling canopy.

Dimensions – 8.25” x 8.25” x 8.25” or 210mm x 210mm x 210mm

Material: Solid walnut, aluminum, electric wire

Weight: 3.3” or 1.5Kg

Power: 120V, 10W max LED bulb (60W incandescent equivalent)

Safety: ESA-Certified with UL components

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