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Dash 7 Hi-Fi Wireless Sound Bar

Dash 7 Hi-Fi Wireless Sound Bar
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Reviewed as Sound & Vision magazine’s “the world’s best travel speaker”, DASH7 is musical, powerful, weighs only 7.1 oz. and is oh-so-thin. In fact it’s the slimmest lightest high-performance wireless speaker in the world. It’s also a speakerphone. Soundmatters didn’t invent the Bluetooth speaker, but in 2008, they invented the first one good enough for an audio purist; it along with the iPhone, was named a TIME magazine Top 10 Gadget of the Year. With patented innovation upon innovation, their newest generation of pocket-sized portable speakers provide clarity & sound quality (including bass) the big brands can’t match.

DASH7 lets you enjoy your music wirelessly, with extended Bluetooth range, or connected via included audio cable. Charge via standard “cellphone” microUSB or included high-power int’l charging kit. DASH7 is engineered around the newest & most advance version of Soundmatters’ legendary patented Twoofers (tweeters that also woof). These pancake-flat ultra powerful neodymium drivers provide a uniquely wide frequency range & are augmented by a patented rechargeable Bass Battery which not only delivers up to 12 hours of playback, but augments the Twoofers (by ingeniously doubling as a passive bass woofer).

The result – over 8 octaves of music reproduction (for spec-hounds, that’s 70Hz-20kHz +/-3dB at0.5m). Also, power wattage doubles when wall-connected using included hi-power international charging kit. DASH7’s Bluetooth echo/noise canceling microphone provides clarity to your calls. Answer, terminate, reject, or transfer a call back to your phone all from your DASH7. For a full movie experience, it fires sound up, nesting in front of your tablet (without blocking the screen) … or provides Omni-directional sound anywhere. For critical high-resolution listening. The included case turns into an angle speaker stand, aiming DASH on-axis with your ears for highest resolution.

The slimmest, lightest hi-fi Bluetooth speaker in the world. Only 3/4″ high to disappear below tablets/monitors and slip into a jacket pocket, weighs only 7.1 oz. – – state-of-the-art sound quality and ultimate portability
Connect via Bluetooth for extended wireless range (for music or speakerphone) or use the included audio cable for maximum battery life (up to 20 hours). Patented Bass Battery add deep bass and up to 12 hours battery life (Bluetooth on)
Sub output connection for optional Soundmatters foxLO palm-sized powered subwoofer. Turns DASH7 into the ultimate tiny convertible desktop/travel friendly hifi system.
International high power charging kit, cables, case/angling stand included.
Vibrant Red, Arctic White, or Midnight Black

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