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Dave’s Mocha All Natural Coffee Syrup

Dave’s Mocha All Natural Coffee Syrup
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Dave’s All Natural Coffee Syrup is hand-roasted in small batches, cold-brewed and simmered with natural cane sugar to preserve the delicate, sophisticated notes that are seared away by traditional brewing methods. Cocoa powder adds an extra layer of richness to the original recipe. Drizzle over ice cream, blend with milk or add to recipes to enjoy the exceptionally sweet, smooth aroma. While Dave’s Coffee Syrup is made using cold brewed coffee, it is not a ready-to-drink coffee concentrate nor can it be diluted with water to make ready-to-drink coffee. As an all natural coffee flavoring though, adding Dave’s Coffee Syrup to your morning cup of joe makes a great way to sweeten coffee without adulterating the taste with artificial sweeteners or flavorings.

Traditionally used to make coffee milk, the state drink of Rhode Island
Not a coffee concentrate, nor is it meant to be a coffee substitute
Can be used to add sweetness to cocktails, recipes, sauces, and more
All natural…the only ingredients are pure cane sugar, cold brewed coffee, and cocoa powder

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