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Daymak Rogue E-Bike

Daymak Rogue E-Bike
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The newest addition to the Daymak line is the Daymak Rogue! Reminiscent of the Ducati Monster, this fully electric scooter is the perfect way to travel intercity. From its stylish gold plated USD front shocks to its red grid iron accents, it truly glorifies the modernization of the ebike. This 72V electric scooter comes with a Bluetooth controller to allow you to adjust your acceleration, lock the motor, increase the range, and much more.

The slightly larger seat height allows for riders of all sizes to ride comfortably. With a very large locking glove compartment which stores 1021 cubic inches, you can easily store your charger, personal goods, and more. Other features include cruise control, 3 speed switch turn signals, and brake lights. All of these features, no license or insurance required! Get on the road with the 2017 Daymak Rogue: the next generation of ebikes.
In the event a product arrives damaged, we will replace all damaged parts free of charge, however our Standard S&H fee will be charged.

(The standard S&H fee is the amount it will cost to ship certain part(s) to you and is based on the UPS calculator rate.)
Minor scratches, stress marks, or rubbing marks are not covered. We will replace parts that in our opinion have arrived with substantial damage.
If you have any questions about sale terms and/or shipping problems please call us at 416-744-2453

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