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Deadpool Knife Block

Deadpool Knife Block
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In this Instructable I am going to show you how I build my Deadpool Knife “Block”.

Usually in my Instructables, I just walk you through the process to repeat what I have build. This Instructable is a bit different. I figured that by not just only sharing the final stl file, but also the process I used to design it and what I learned, this Instructable could benefit others (and to be honest myself by getting feedback on how to improve).

I recently cleaned out my kitchen drawer and realized that I have some really nice knifes that deserve to be placed in a knife block.

So while I was searching for one I liked I read an Asterix comic and the idea for a “Ceasar Knife Block” was born. The Adventures of Asterix is a French comic series which you should definitely check out, should you not know it. So I googled to see whether I could buy one anywhere and found this picture. Sadly it was obvious that it was just a photoshopped image, so I decided to build one myself. The only problem was that I have absolutely no modelling skills.

Once I was nearly done designing the knife block I watched the Deadpool movie and decided to rather go with a Deadpool knife block instead.

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