DecKube Skateboard LP Record Holder

DecKube Skateboard LP Record Holder
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The DecKube lp record holder is a throne for your favourite set of vinyl records. This colourful piece of art is constructed from thrashed skateboard decks collected at skate shops in Europe. It rests on an elegant and solid stainless steel frame that keeps the cube hovering slightly above the floor. The DecKube is shaped to the size of a lp record cover and offers storage space for up to 70 lp records. Once totally filled the DecKube forms a perfect cube.sizethe DecKube is 50x50x40 cm (l x w x h) and made from 34 recycled skateboards.colorsthe colors of every DecKube lp record holder are unique and dependent on the available skateboards and scrap veneers that have been collected. Specific color variations cannot be guaranteed. We can guarantee every single DecKube lp record holder will be a colorfull and unique piece.shipping & DELIVERYWe ship orders within 30 to 40 business days. During the production proces our customers receive a weekly photo update of the DecKube being built. Once the order is being shipped, delivery times should take between 2-3 days for The Netherlands and from 3-10 days elsewhere, depending on the destination.

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