Decorative painting instruction book ten projects animals and

Decorative painting instruction book ten projects animals and
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When i first got back into art i concentrated on a form i really loved – decorative painting. i designed all my own projects and taught at natiional conferences in Portland Oregon, Logan Utah, Las Vegas Nevada, and Reno Nevada. i then wrote a book of ten projects with animalsubjects and was so pleased that Plaid Enterprises, which manufacturers decorative paints, instruction books, and other craft supplies, published it. That was in 2007. Nearly the entire run of 10,000 books sold, but i bought those that were left, and I’m offering them for sale here on my Etsy shop. The first photo shows the cover of the book which illustrates one of the projects – a little basket with a sweet black and white bunny surrounded by strawberries. The second photo is of the back cover which illustrates the rest of the projects. The third photo shows one of the “step-by-step” illustrations. The fourth and fifth photos show larger photos of two of the other projects from the book. Although each painting project is shown on a particular surface, the designs can by easily adapted to other surfaces. The book has 36 pages of photos and instructions as well as fold-out inserts with the full size line drawings. i will be pleased to autograph the book for you. If you would like me to dedicate it to someone special, please include those details in the comments with your purchase. If you like animals, i think you’ll find these projects special and appealing. i also think you’ll find my instructions complete and easy to follow. Because this book was originally published in 2007, some of the specific colors that i used may no longer be available, but you should be able to find substitutes on the Plaid website – or in your own imagination! p.s. i have written three other, and longer, art instruction books which are available on You can find them by searching the “books” category with my name, Kaaren Poole. One of these books, “Drawing Birds with Colored Pencil,” has been a consistent best seller since it was published in 2008 and has 50 reviews with a 4.7 average rating.

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