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Deer Park Wall Rack

Deer Park Wall Rack
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Studio pols potten designed the modern coat rack Deer Park which combine practicality with high design aesthetic.
Deer Park is made of metal and has a distinguishable polished finish. It is released in silver color while the combination of the rack’s shape and color create a unique sculptural quality.

From its silver board, which can be adjusted on your interior wall, three pair of deer horns are projected which serve as hangers for your coats, bags and other items.
When you hang your items on the rack it becomes a useful design item while when being left empty, it looks like a sophisticated work of art ideal for your space decoration.

This simple but amazing idea which combines the practicality of a rack with an artwork’s concept will bring a unique aesthetic at your place.
Material: Metal.
Color: Silver.
Finish: Polished.

Width 45.5 cm
Depth 8 cm
Height 14 cm.
Weight: 1,9 Kg.
Suitable for indoor use only.

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