Demogorgon Larvae

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Turns out the juicy, writhing little offspring of the fearsome demogorgons are actually delicious – who knew?! Will did. He was trapped in the Upside Down with nothing to do but snack on these cute chewy critters. And how else can you explain why he coughed up that particularly plump one at the end of season 1? Exactly. Hacked up by genuine victims of demonic possession, these gummy Demogorgon Larvae are set to be your favourite treat of the summer. Each one is packed full of juicy natural fruit flavour with a satisfying chewiness and a gooey coating made from real Upside Down ectoplasm scrapings. Mmm. Be sure to scoff them before they go off to avoid them turning into actual demogorgons and ripping your head off with their weird botanical jaws.

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