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Diamond+ Portable 3-in-1 Bluetooth Speaker by Yantouch

Diamond+ Portable 3-in-1 Bluetooth Speaker by Yantouch
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A portable speaker lets you enjoy your favorite music both visual and auditory perception. Two colors are available, namely IceDiamond+ and BlackDiamond+

Auditory Perception
Improvement we have made comparing to the previous version, Black Diamond 3, includes adding speaker protection caps and premium 2.1 Left/Right/Woofer tube speaker system. This Bluetooth speaker is made of Neodymium materials, a well-known material for providing better sound that makes high and mid pitches crystal clear. Patented “side speakers” provide better stereo effects comparing to other brands while design allows sounds reflects from side walls.

Visually Perception.
16,000,000 delicate colors are available to choose, including Hues, Brightness and Saturation. World unique “Plating mold” diamond cut, makes its reflection as shining as real diamond. Patented “Music you can see” LED lighting technology, lights synchronize to music. 3 Music sync lighting patterns to choose from, one for soft music, two for rock music, to fit different music moods.

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