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Diamond Whiskey Decanter

Diamond Whiskey Decanter
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This is the type of response you’re after when you spend countless hours hunting for that One-Of-A-Kind gift. After all the effort you expended in that process you should expect to hear a lot of enthusiasm for your gift.

A collectible decanter that’s as practical as it is beautiful.
You know it’s easy to find any ole decanter but it’s nearly impossible to discover one that. You can now keep your best whiskey in this impressive decanter.

• Traps all the wonderful flavors inside without leakage.
• Contains 100% glass in the decanter AND stopper.
• Feels solid in your hand when you go to pour it.
• Fits an entire 750ml bottle with room to spare.

Diamond Whiskey DecanterCheck price on Amazon.com ►
Check price on Amazon.com

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