Dianthus Spooky Mix Flower Seeds Dianthus Superbus 100Seeds

Dianthus Spooky Mix Flower Seeds Dianthus Superbus 100Seeds
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Superb Pink (Dianthus Superbus Spooky Mix) – The sweet, candy-like fragrance is a wonderful benefit of growing this Dianthus seed. Dianthus Superbus Spooky mix is a perennial Dianthus commonly called Superb Pink. The Dianthus plants reach approximately 16 inches in height. Dianthus Superbus Spooky is hardy to zone 3 and is not frost tender. It gets a mix of spidery, long-petalled blooms growing on upright, sturdy stems from late spring to early fall. Superb Pink plants are easy-to-care for and very rewarding to grow. Sow Dianthus Superbus seeds indoors 4 – 6 weeks before last frost. Use sterile starter mix, and sow the Dianthus seed on top, covering lightly with soil. Transplant seedlings outdoors after frost season has passed. For directly sowing Dianthus flower seeds outdoors, wait until danger of frost is over, and directly sow Dianthus seed into prepared beds. Lightly cover and keep seeds moist. Season: Perennial usda Zones: 3 – 8 Height: 16 inches Bloom Season: Late spring to early fall Bloom Color: Mix Environment: Full sun For more check us out here!!

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