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Did You Feed the Dog?

Did You Feed the Dog?
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Whenever there is a dog and more than one person in a household, it is inevitable that the question ‘Did You Feed the Dog?’ will be asked…most likely on a daily basis. With our new product (aptly named: Did You Feed the Dog?), any confusion around this commonly asked question will quickly disappear. It is about the size of a double wall switch and can be mounted anywhere that’s convenient for you and your family. Why keep track of wehn you fed your pet? You can use an automatic feeder and it will take care of this for you.

Whenever the dog is fed, you simply move the appropriate slider to the right and then slide them all back at the beginning of the week. If there is every any question about whether or not the dog has been fed, simply look and the device…simple as that. No batteries required.

Constructed of high-impact ABS plastic, it mounts almost anywhere and is easy to use
Simply move one of the sliders after you’ve fed the dog and slide them all back each week
Helps reduce obesity in dogs due to over-feeding and teaches kids about responsibility
Mounting options included

Did You Feed the Dog?Check price on Amazon.com ►
Check price on Amazon.com

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