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Didi Cup Smart Water Bottle

Didi Cup Smart Water Bottle
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Elegant, Lasting, & Feature Rich – This is The Right Smart Sports Bottle For You!
Having A Hard Time Maintaining The Recommended Intake Of Water? Don’t want to use cheap water bottles that are inconvenient and prone to leaking?
If yes, then Levitom 100% Leak Proof and BPA Free Smart Water Bottle is exactly what you need to maintain a healthy hydration around the clock thanks to its incredibly useful features!

Hydration Spray – Our Sports Bottle has a built-in sprayer to help keep your skin cool and clean.
Timed Reminder- The Water Bottle have a timed reminders function that remind you to drink water every two hours to keep yourself hydrated
LED Lighting – The LED light is perfect for lighting up your surroundings.Lighting up the dark environment for you
SOS Light – SOS alarm lights can help you to seek help and guide the direction of the outdoors, it can also be used as night riding warning light.

How To Use:
●Hydration Spray: Push the switch down to open the spray humidifier; Push the switch up to turn off the humidifier. The spray function lasts for 30 minutes.
●LED Light: Triggering the power switch once will turn of the LED Light; Triggering it the second time will turn on the Red LED Flashing emergency warning light; trigger it the third time to turn it off.
●Timed Reminder: Press and hold for about 2 seconds. If the blue light normal flashes twice, it means turn on the reminder function; If the blue light flashes quickly twice, it means turn off the reminder feature.

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