DIGITAL anxiety & self care zine

DIGITAL anxiety & self care zine
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………this listing is for a digital copy of an out-of-print physical zine……… you will get immediate access to a pdf when you purchase. (past) physical details: half sized / hand-bound / card stock cover / text & illustration / 19 pages an illustrated pep-talk in a zine, featuring an introduction to basic methods for managing anxiety & implementing self care. this was my first zine ever! it was written in 2010. it’s a diy guide that is heavily informed by personal experience. there’s a lot of very basic info and self care ideas in it, but with a mind to the fact that self care looks different for everyone (that’s why it’s self care ! ~). it’s been my best seller since it was created and i’d estimate there’s something like 300+ copies out there in the world. it includes drawings by myself and friends (the cover illustration was done by meg whitney, who helped me bind these for like 6 hours one night and gifted me the awl i use to bind all of my zines), a big long posi playlist courtesy of my pen pal pete, and a super special illustration by yumi sakugawa, used with permission <3 ? when you buy this item, you are supporting a trans creator. thanks for allowing me to be my own boss. … follow me on ig if you like my art @craftordiyofficial or check out to learn more about my work <3

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