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Digital Wine Cellar Management System

Digital Wine Cellar Management System
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The Oenophile’s Wine Cellar Management System.

Favored by private collectors, this is the wine management system that tracks which wines are in your collection, where they are located, and when they mature. The system comes with a 17″ touchscreen computer, barcode labels for each bottle in your collection, and a wireless scanner.

Simply scanning the label and typing just the first three letters of a wine’s name prompts the computer to search for it in a 350,000-bottle database. The computer automatically adds an image of the wine label, the country of origin, region, and grape varietal and allows you to input where the bottle is stored in your cellar and the price you paid for it. When a wine is ready to drink, scanning it again removes it from your inventory.

The computer connects to the Internet via Wi-Fi or Ethernet and provides access to ratings, tasting notes, and current values for every wine.

All components can be kept in the included solid-oak stand handmade with dovetail joints.

Plugs into AC.

26″ L x 12″ D x 17 1/4″ H. (37 lbs.)

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