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Divoom Timebox Evo Bluetooth Speaker

Divoom Timebox Evo Bluetooth Speaker
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Combining a stunning 16×16 LED screen with a powerful bluetooth speaker, Timebox evo lets you enjoy crisp Bluetooth 4.2 audio with a splash of dynamic pixelated color. Connect your phone to the mobile app ” Divoom Smart”, and you can create your own pixel art and lighting, as well as your own remixes using the DJ mixer. Evo functions as a smart alarm and sleep aid, and even supports games, voice memos, and social media notifications. Just connect via Bluetooth and add some color to your daily listening.

Listen to your favorite songs w/ custom light effects
Create your own pixel art & share online via the app
Stay connected w/ social media notifications
Enjoy crisp Bluetooth 4.2 audio & DJ mixer
Design your own alarm w/ 14 profiles & customizable settings
Sleep better w/ HQ alpha wave audio tracks & melatonin-inducing lighting

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