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Glow in the Dark Knife Kit

Glow in the Dark Knife Kit
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Use this kit to help teach your child knife safety and responsible knife ownership skills.

Each kit can be made in the color of your choice. Or get multiple kits of different colors and combine the parts to make a unique version. Children can even paint and decorate them further to make it all their own.

Adults love them also. Get a Green and Yellow one and send it to a John Deer fan. Or send that Michigan fan a Blue and Yellow one. Combine the colors to make their team favorite. The assembled knives also work great as a unique letter opener for an adult.

When it comes to knives and tools, our goal is to make things that people will really enjoy using and feel like they got a great deal on what they bought. Some are for adults and others are for kids (of all ages).

While most of our knives are very utilitarian, they are also very innovative. Putting it together is easy, it’s easy to use and very light weight.

Trigger Knife Kits are a great product because they not only give a youngster the feeling that he’s just like ‘Uncle Bob’ with his pocket knife, it also provides an opportunity to learn some basic assembly skills in the process.

We hope you will try out some of our products and let us know if you have any comments. We’d love to hear from you.

Easy for your child to assemble and it’s light weight
Use to teach your child knife safety and responsible knife ownership skills
Fun Colors can be combined to create your favorite team colors
Learn how the insides of a folding knife work together – a great teaching opportunity

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