Do You Know Me?

Do You Know Me?
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Think you know your friends? Think again. Do You Know Me? is the game where players take turns in the hot seat to answer hilarious yes/no questions about themselves while others vote on their responses. From the creators of What do you Meme? (another party classic) – it’s perfect for nights in with your mates, getting to know your work colleagues or livening up a dreadful date. There are 450 question cards in total and they’re a classic blend of revealing general knowledge and mildly-invasive lines of questioning. This sort of thing… Can Dan name two ‘Arthur’ characters? Can Callum roll a joint? Has Sarah ever bought a pregnancy test? Can Andre name four Kardashians? Does Tina prefer thongs over bikinis? Can Rob raise just one eyebrow? Has Jo peed in the shower in the last week? The player with the most correct answers wins! Buckle up, things are about to get rather personal.

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