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Dory, A Travel Booking Bot for the Rest of Us

Dory, A Travel Booking Bot for the Rest of Us
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A unified travel booking bot for individuals that reserves and books hotels, airlines, and autos from various social media channels. The effort today is to go to large online sites or individual websites to make travel reservations. With just one-click from a platform like KiK or Facebook Messenger, travel can be researched and reserved instantaneously directly to the hotel, airline or car rental system. Like Microsoft’s Cortana, this bot will also remember your preferences, and highlight them upon your next trip. The funds raised will be for a development team to take proof of concept and develop the bot into full testing and functionality.

Monetization will be based on a two-fold approach. First there will be a subscription model. For instance, hotels’ subscription rates will be based on number of actual room nights reserved per month by the bot. Secondly, for each room night stayed, there will be a tiered commission ladder. We expect that the less bookings the bot makes, the lower the commission, and conversely the higher the bookings made, the higher the commission to be paid. Further, we anticipate our commission ladder to be highly competitive and a major disruptive to current online agencies.

This project is not in any way affiliated with Microsoft. Video is for highlighting capabilities only. Our bot development is in stealth mode.

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