Doughnut Vase Torus Vase Handmade ceramic flower vase

Doughnut Vase Torus Vase Handmade ceramic flower vase
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Handmade wheel thrown torus shaped vase, ideal for early spring buds or long stemmed flowers. Handmade on the wheel with foot attached by hand. The vase measures approximately 18.5 cm high and approximately 17.5 cm wide and 5 cm deep. It is high fired with a speckled engobe that renders a lovely unglazed raw look to the vase. Dishwasher safe. Although hand wash is highly recommended. Do not pour hot water into this item. All my items are handmade and therefore do not possess the perfection and uniformity of industrially manufactured ceramic ware. But you will have the assurance of something made by hand and one-off. You may request something in a similar size and style. Do note that your piece will vary in appearance, however it will be one of a kind. Contact me for a custom-made piece!

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