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DOZZI Natural White Noise Machine

DOZZI Natural White Noise Machine
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Mask Out Noises and Sleep Deep
Do you want a pleasant sleeping environment? DOZZI provides you natural white noise with a mechanic fan for your sleep. DOZZI gives you the flexibility to set the tone and fan volume for your personalized sleeping environment. It also comes with colored light at the bottom and one USB charging port.

Start having a peaceful deep sleep today with DOZZI, which helps to mask out intrusive background noises. It is perfect for adults, children and babies who wish to sleep in a soothing environment.

Natural and Unique White Noise
DOZZI has a built-in fan that generates natural fan noise, unlike digital white noise, it provides a soothing and natural white noise. DOZZI allows you to adjust the fan speed (low/medium/high) and control the amount of air flowing in and out, to find the soothing sound best to fit your sleep. The infinite combinations of the fan sound can be done with a simple twist and click on the cover.

By adjusting the fan speed and sound openings, you can personalize the natural pitch that’s ideal for you. DOZZI masks out the unwanted noise allowing your body and mind to rest and have a good night sleep.

DOZZI is also integrated with a light. You can pick from Bright white, Soft White or looping with multiple color. So you can use as a night light or fill your room with color. Its minimal and modern design allows you to decorate your bedside in style too.

DOZZI is the only white noise fan machine offers such variations in both sound and light, and still in great design.

Compact and USB Charging Port
DOZZI is compact and lightweight. Thanks to the contemporary design with a USB port, you can sleep deeply and also fully charge your device at the same place. Let it be your travel companion so you can have a restful sleep even when you’re not at home.

Easy to Use with Auto-off Timer
DOZZI has a simple interface that even a child can easily control. Twist the cover to control the air flowing through the fan shield, Press the top button for light and volume; Set the auto-off timer for 60 or 120 minutes to conserve energy, or you can also leave it on all night.

Perfect for Entire Family
Baby is even more sensitive to noises. Many pediatricians recommend a white noise sound generator like the DOZZI to stay on all night in your nursery to help your infant through toddler and children fall to sleep and enjoy uninterrupted rest all night. Try out different tone settings that makes your baby comfortable.

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