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dpc: Smart phone cradle with PC function

dpc: Smart phone cradle with PC function
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-Smart phone cradle with compact PC function built in with users familiar OS, “Windows” or “Linux” OS integrated.

-Back-up photo and video files from mobile device to dpc’s 1TB hard drive like a home server via Wi-Fi or sync (to free up the mobile phone’s limited storage space)

-Enjoy the PC in the living room (will turn old TV into Smart TV)

-Usage as “home entertainment hub” (enjoy movies, music and simple games)

-Charges phone’s battery while syncing (compatible with Android phones and iPhones)

-Consumes very little electric power (environment friendly)

-The current typical PC is bulky, makes fan noise, and awkward, over-size body makes it difficult to find its placement. Not to mention it will clutter your work-space with wires.

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