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Dragon Incense Burner

Dragon Incense Burner
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1. Exquisite workmanship, can be a classical furnishings, with meditation and aid-
sleeping effect
2. As a refined interest, or for your special hospitality
3. Small size, easy to carry

1.Use in home:
At home , lit a incense , warm and comfortable , and feel comfortable , home like home

2.Use in the office
Lit a incense , clean air , refreshing , maintain a pleasant body and mind , improve work

3.Reception Guests
Guests visit first 30 minutes before the point of a good smell of incense , is not only a
courtesy, respect for the guests , but also reflects the owner elegant taste

4.Easy leisure
Lit a incense , while reading a book, while tea, can completely relax , improve quality of

5.Aerobic exercise
When gentle movement exercises such as yoga , meditation and so on , lit a fragrant ,
the effect will be better received

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Check price on Amazon.com

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