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In-Drawer Knife Block

In-Drawer Knife Block
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The In-drawer knife block by Wusthof allows you to store all your knives in a drawer, so that you can have even more free space on your counter. Unlike most other knife storage blocks, the Wusthof alternates longer and shorter knives, creating an elegant wave-like pattern that also has the advantage of making knives easier to grab.

The tray covers the blades completely, in order to prevent any unwanted injury. There are a total of 14 knife slots, which include 6 long slots for knives with an up to 10-inch blade and 8 slots for knives with an up to 5-inch blade. Alternatively, there’s also room for a sharpening steel.

The tray is made of solid hardwood and it is only 7.5 inches wide, 1.5 inches high and 16.75 inches long.


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