Dried Flower confetti Flower girl Wedding table decor

Dried Flower confetti Flower girl Wedding table decor
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You pick the amount of amazingly assorted dried and dehydrated flowers. The colors of these flowers are crisp and bright. The flowers included are: Pansy- giant majestic and crown varieties Dianthus, purples and pinks Viola in assorted colors Cyclamen- pink, red and white Marigolds- orange, yellow and flame Roses- yellow, pink, white, red, coral Bougainville- coral, purple, pink and white Artemisia- yellow clusters and leaves are silver Turks Cap- redish purple Camellia petals- red and pink Snap dragons- yellow, orange, pink and burgundy These are for decoration only and not fit for human consumption. a basic guideline for amounts to use: 1/3 to 1 cup for each person tossing at bride and groom 3 to 6 cups for flower girl baskets depending on basket size 2 to 3 cups per table for decoration These flowers were collected from my own garden and also from my families nursery in Spring, Tx. Collecting a few flowers from each plant really helps the plants to thrive and push more blooms. It is also very relaxing! i then take my collected flowers and depending on type use silica gel, press or use my amazing dehydrator! This is really neat process which i thoroughly enjoy. And the flowers last almost forever instead of a couple of days.

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