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Drift-Light Self Dimming Sleep Bulb

Drift-Light Self Dimming Sleep Bulb
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What happens while you sleep has a huge impact on your life. People who don’t get enough sleep have problems making decisions, solving problems, being productive, controlling their emotions, and coping with change. They are also at greater risk of major health issues such as heart disease, diabetes, and stroke. Before electric lighting, people’s lives revolved around the natural light cycle of the sun.

The rise of electric lighting and electronics means we don’t have to depend on the sun for light, but this new lifestyle also means our bodies aren’t able to prepare for sleep like they used to. The Drift Light has been designed to mimic a sunset by slowly dimming over 37 minutes. This gives your body that gradual shift from light to darkness and gives you the opportunity to engage in relaxing activities to help you feel sleepy.

The Drift Light can also be set to Moonlight Mode, which dims down to a nightlight mode. Moonlight mode gives off just enough light to keep you safe without using up an outlet, or for kids that need a little bit of light to sleep. The Drift Light is a natural way to improve your sleep quality. No pills, no psychology, just natural light reduction to allow your body to fall asleep the way it was designed to.

Easy Set Auto-Dim Micro Controller
High Efficiency LED Bulb
Diffusing Cap to Reduce Blue Light
Aluminum Heat Sink
Standard Edison Base

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