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DrinkTanks Growler

DrinkTanks Growler
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Enjoy and share your favorite brew (or something new) on all of your adventures. Arrive with your beer exactly as the brewmaster intended. Whether you’re at the beach or on the back deck this growler will keep your beer cold and tasting great. The double-wall vacuum insulated construction keeps the beer inside protected from whatever weather is outside for up to 24 hours because your beer should be cold. We use food grade 18/8 stainless steel because you want to keep sunlight and other contaminants away from your beer that can change the taste (in a really bad way). Our optional Kep Cap (sold separately) works exclusively with the DrinkTanks Growler to preserve beer longer by pressurizing the growler with CO2, preserving carbonation.

Cold. Double-wall vacuum insulated body keeps beer cold for up to 24 hours. Even in the summer sun. Added bonus: no condensation ‘sweating’ on the outside.
Fresh. DrinkTanks’ growler is made from the same food grade 18/8 stainless steel used in top-quality brewing equipment. Steel also prevents sunlight from ruining your beer. BPA Free.

Carbonated. DrinkTanks’ optional Kep Cap (sold separately) preserves beer longer by injecting CO2 in to the growler. No one likes flat beer!
Contained. Sturdy double-bail system ensures a tight seal to ensure no leakage. You want your beer in your glass, not the car trunk! And if you are not a fan of beer, then you can use the Zojirushi termos for your coffee or tea.

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