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Droplet Robotic Sprinkler

Droplet Robotic Sprinkler
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Droplet is a reinvention of the way plants get water.

Droplet is easily configured via smartphone, tablet or website all using Wi-Fi. No more running to the garage to change sprinkler settings because it rained yesterday, or checking a timer on your outdoor faucet.
Cloud power on the end of a garden hose.

Droplet is the world’s first smart sprinkler system that combines the latest technology in robotics, cloud computing, and connected services to transform the way sprinkler systems function. Droplet keeps your plants healthy without wasting water by drawing upon a vast system of data to intelligently determine how best to care for your plants. By being smart, precise and frugal, Droplet can lower your sprinkler water consumption by up to 90 percent — that’s more than $200 a year for most Americans.
Easy setup

Installation is simple and quick — zero to working in five minutes. Once the sprinkler is hooked up to your garden hose and plugged in, all the user needs to do is find the nearest smart device to input the types of plants in the yard and where they are located so that Droplet knows where to distribute the water. Droplet is easily configured via smartphone, tablet, or laptop on the Droplet Web site, giving users complete control of their system wherever they are.
Precise water delivery

Droplet’s smart sprinkler system leverages over 10,000 weather stations’ real-time data, millions of square miles of U.S. soil samples and comprehensive biological plant information to make decisions on when, where, and how much water to deliver. The state-of-the-art robotic sprinkler understands each plant and disperses the proper amount of water to ensure even and efficient watering. Droplet waters lawns without soaking the fence, driveway, and patio furniture.
Data at your fingertips

The first step to making smart decisions is obtaining data. Droplet shows advanced analytics on how much water goes into a lawn, garden, or flower-bed so homeowners can better manage water usage. Droplet can even work with your local municipality to honor watering restrictions in effect, helping avoid expensive fines.
One solution for the whole yard

Grass, Trees, Potted plants and Gardens — it doesn’t matter. Droplet has specialized watering routines which target each plant type in a different manner. Lawns are watered row by row, the way a farmer plows fields. Trees are watered at the drip line instead of the trunk, because the drip line is where the water is more readily absorbed. With a range of about 30 feet in any direction, one Droplet can replace and entire set of sprinkler zones in an average home. Now it’s possible to add potted plants to automated watering schedules, without the labor and cost of connecting drip irrigation lines to each individual pot

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