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Duo Glass

Duo Glass
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INNOVATIVE PATENT PENDING MEASURING GUIDES: As seen in Food & Wine Magazine, Uncrate, GQ, Cool Material and others — our patent pending design has 1oz pour indicators cleverly blown into the inner glass. Whether drinking Whiskey, scotch, gin, rum, tequila, or mixing your favorite cocktail; the Duo Glass enables controlled pours for perfect mixed drinks and the ideal amount of spirits. No more guessing! The Duo Glass is perfect for any drinking occasion!
DOUBLE WALL GLASS WITH PURPOSE: The vacuum sealed double wall borosilicate glass insulates your libation better, keeping your drink colder for longer. The double wall design also minimizes condensation on the exterior of the glass. Eliminates the need for coasters!

ICE BALL READY: The base of the inner wall is hand blown to the exact specifications of the included 2” ice ball mold. Each Duo Glass comes with it’s own silicone ice mold that can be used for manhattan, old fashioned, bourbon or whiskey on the rocks, vodka mixed drinks, or any of your favorite simple recipe cocktails!
HAND BLOWN ELEGANCE: A sophisticated hand blown design that provides lightweight elegance. Only 5.6 oz in weight! The outer chamfered base is an incredibly unique design that is not often seen in hand blown glassware. Manufacturers resist this style design because the difficulty of keeping any given design ‘square’ during the glass making process. Take a micro vacation in a glass!

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