E10: What Is This Thing?

E10: What Is This Thing?
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  • dowsing rod- This pair of dowsing rods is a blend of brass and copper, making it comfortable to hold and use for long periods as time; This blend of metals is said to efficiently transfer the energy needed for proper divination and dowsing
  • water dowsing rods- These rods are excellent tools for finding ground water on your property; The detailed instruction book will provide the needed information for amateurs, rookies, or the experienced diviner; Remember, divining rods are an art as much as a science, so practice, discipline, and persistence are a must
  • divining rods- These rods are called by a number of names: divining rods, doodlers, water doodlers, dowsing rods, copper dowsing rods, L-Rods, and more; They have many names because they serve many purposes, which vary based on the intent of the person utilizing them
  • dowsing rods with handles- These have beautifully crafted handles for comfortably holding and divining with them for extended periods of time; They smoothly move and swing freely, to allow for proper divination and not be biased by the slight tremors or shakes of the natural human
  • quality guaranteed- Like any products that rely on energy, spirituality, and artistic implementation, not everyone will have the desired effects from their divining rods; If you are unhappy for any reason, please reach out, as American Heritage stands fully behind each and every one of its products
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