Eagle Feathers 6 Pieces WHITE Tom Turkey Rounds

Eagle Feathers 6 Pieces  WHITE Tom Turkey Rounds
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This listing is for 6 pieces of brown imitation Eagle Turkey Quills wing feathers and are approximately 10-12 inches in length and 1-1/2 to 2 inches wide. The width of these feathers make them an artist favorite for painting or drawing on. The stiffness of the quill makes it a perfect feather for quill pens. This style of turkey wing feather is dyed half brown with a round trimmed tip. This is a very unique feather, so similar to eagle feathers we must repeat ourselves that these are an imitation that is definitely a must have for Native American crafts such as dream catchers and headdresses. All feathers vary in shapes and sizes. They are truly unique. All of these turkey feathers are handpicked and are in good condition. You can use these feathers for arts and Crafts, Fashion Accessories, Fly Tying , Home Decor, Native American Crafts, peyote and School projects. Wholesale and bulk purchase of these turkey wing feathers is available upon request. Thanks for looking.

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