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Easton Baseball Power Sensor by Blast Motion

Easton Baseball Power Sensor by Blast Motion
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Easton’s® new POWER SENSOR™ utilizes revolutionary technology to analyze a swing, enabling players to learn how to hit with more power. The precision motion swing sensor sends information wirelessly to Apple and Android devices, and the corresponding free app tracks progress, incorporates video analysis, and allows data to be shared with friends and coaches on social media. The Easton® POWER SENSOR™ is part of the HIT LAB™ COLLECTION, a full line of training aids to help you make practice more powerful.

Science in every swing
Comes with precision motion sensor, bat grip attachment and a USB connected Wireless Charger
Corresponding Easton power sensor app available for free in the Apple app store
Basic metrics include swing speed, time to contact, bat path, and others
Advanced blast Factor metric provides a simple, cumulative swing Score out of 100 by calculating the power and efficiency of each swing

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