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Easy Reach Smartphone Mount

Easy Reach Smartphone Mount
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Our phones are pretty much an extension of our hands. We would want to have them with us every other time because today, smart phones do much more than just making and receiving calls.

Wouldn’t it be a great idea to be able to use your phone while in your car without compromising your safety? What if we had a device that could hold our smart phones for us at an easy to reach distance so that we have both of our hands free to drive?

The good news is that, there is just the right mount for this kind of necessity. The Car Mount by Maggd is your best choice when it comes to cradling your mobile device in your car.

With its great yet very simple design, you will love this mount because it is handy and surprisingly sturdy for its size.

Some of the Mount’s advantages include;

– It holds your tablet or iPhone with a surprisingly strong grip so that it stays firm and does not keep slipping even when the road is bumpy.

– Its silicone covered end where it attaches to the vent helps the mount to adhere well to the vent without the use of any adhesives.

– It can be used for mobile devices of up to 6 inches diagonal length, making it perfect for most hand held mobile devices.

– It works great for your iPhone and GPS devices.

– It is compact, simple and its neutral black color makes it a device that seamlessly blends with your car’s interior appearance.

– The spring loaded mount clamps are adjustable and can fit different devices that fall within the mount’s confirmable sizes.

– It holds your phone right where you want it to, with a great viewing angle and at just the right distance.

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