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Easy Rider (2013) by Shelly Corbett

Easy Rider (2013) by Shelly Corbett
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Best known for her Underwater Figurative Studies, Corbett has recently entered in to the colorful and playful world of toy photography. Shelly is an active member of the Instagram toy photography community and also serves as a moderator of a second Instagram account called “Brickcentral” which is dedicated to supporting creative Lego photograph. Her current work departs in obvious ways from the sexual environments created by her earlier underwater photographs, but the capture of intimate moments in the lives of Lego minifigures remains contiguous in the voyeuristic way it interacts with private worlds.

Shelley Corbett is a native of the Pacific Northwest, and received her BA in photography from the University of Washington. Since then she has worked as an art photographer for over 25 years. While best known for her underwater female nude photography, Corbett has recently gained attention in the toy photography community and serves as a moderator of “Brickcentral”, a creative LEGO community.

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