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Ecomo Water Testing & Filtering Smart Bottle

Ecomo Water Testing & Filtering Smart Bottle
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The Ecomo Bottle, the world’s first smart nanotech bottle, redefines health and purity. For the first time, users can check their own water quality anytime, anywhere, as if they had a mini water-testing lab in their pockets. With just a shake and a twist of the bottle, users can determine what’s in their water and get purified drinking water.

Purity in your pocket, cleaner from inside. The Ecomo Bottle provides the safest purified water using our advanced quality analysis and purification technology. In addition, we aim to help people develop better water-drinking habits by using a tracking band to remind people of their recommended daily water intake and to send reminders for filter cartridge replacement. With the Ecomo Bottle, you can feel more refreshed with every sip of water you take. We want to bring a healthy, fresh lifestyle to everyone!

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