EcoShip Box

EcoShip Box
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I invented a box. Sounds ridiculous. But this box has Value. When anyone moves household goods, the fragile items have to be protected to prevent damages. Historically , this is done with corrugated boxes or customized crates. (Very Expensive!!!). Once the move is completed, you might be able to recycle the cardboard boxes for another move or two, but eventually are recycled or go to the landfill. This patented product is reusable. In fact there are units I built and sold in 2006 still in use today. They were made out of wood. I will use the funding for engineering to produce this product out of plastic. A mold will be built once the engineering is complete. I intend to develop the plastic box where it is collapsible for return shipping with moving companies. Individuals,Self-storage, PODS , Moving supply companies, previous clients are my target market.

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