Eddy Steaming Pitcher (12oz)

Eddy Steaming Pitcher (12oz)
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The Barista’s Paintbrush Meet Eddy Steaming Pitcher, a precision tool for pouring latte art. The tapered body spins milk more consistently for silky smooth micro-foam while the sharp crease allows for an intuitive pour. Great for any milk or non-dairy based drinks from cortado to latte sized Features: Measurement Aid – Fill to the dots marked by volume for precise pours Fluted Spout – Like a sharpened pencil, the finer your tip, the more on point your design. Sharp Crease – Moves milk forward toward the spout in one seamless motion for an intuitive pour. Ribbon Handle – Open-ended to hold any way you want. Tapered Body – Spins milk more consistently for silky smooth micro-foam. Steams easier than a car window on the Titanic. Capacity: 12 oz Materials: 304 18/8 stainless steel in a polished steel or a polished graphite finish

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