EEKOE – The World’s Greatest Socks – Editor’s Review

EEKOE – The World’s Greatest Socks – Editor’s Review
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You’re probably familiar with the importance of quality shoes for your feet, posture and overall well-being and comfort, but have you ever thought about the socks you wear? EEKOE wants to redefine the socks category and they’re so confident in what they’re building that all their products come with a Lifetime Warranty. So what’s it all about, you might ask? Let’s see. First of all, the EEKOE are 100% moisture wicking no matter what, so you can forever forget about sweaty feet. Moreover according to the manufacturer these socks are so comfortable they can virtually eliminate foot fatigue. So if you’re looking for a pair of socks that will actually make your life better, look no further than the EEKOE – they start at just $25 on Kickstarter.

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